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Kristen Wilkinson, Psy.D. is a contributing writer to StepMom Magazine, adjunct professor at Midwestern University and previously Elmhurst University, and a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in women’s general and reproductive health, young adult transitions, anxiety, depression, divorce, stepfamilies, perfectionism, eating concerns, and bariatric psychological evaluation. She believes fully in the power of self-compassion and acceptance and uses this lens when working with clients.

Dr. Wilkinson conducts college preparatory and mental health wellness workshops around the Chicagoland area. She has participated in numerous speaking engagements and professional conferences on mental health issues, women empowerment, and stepfamily research with audience sizes ranging from 10-300 attendees. She also serves as a coach for her professional licensure examination (EPPP) through Triad Behavioral Health. She has experience as a subject matter expert and workshop instructor for the EPPP. Dr. Wilkinson is a proud member of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.

Dr. Wilkinson is a graduate of Midwestern University, Downers Grove, and lives outside of Chicago with her spouse, Alex, her son, Nicholas, and their two rescue dogs, Charlie and George.

The Sleeper Effect

What is the sleeper effect?

This phenomenon focuses on daughters whose parents divorced during their childhood and are experiencing delayed negative effects relating to their ability to establish love, intimacy, and commitment to marriage and parenthood.

I am currently compiling an anthology of personal stories from daughters of divorce, specifically those who have experienced the sleeper effect. It is still in the planning process, but if you would like to get updates about the book as it develops -- or maybe even contribute your own story! -- fill out the form below to sign up for the mailing list. Also, click on the box below to review guidelines for submitting your story.

Check back regularly for details!

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My Approach
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